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Income Statement

As-reported financial charting
 2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Q1 YTD
Source Document12/31/201512/31/201612/31/201612/31/20163/31/2017
(in thousands)     
Interest income 
Taxable 228,931292,028404,324467,877133,737
Nontaxable 9,6119,0229,31811,1202,880
Investment securities 
Taxable 26,08438,61939,29935,5719,122
Nontaxable 32,56434,79140,97442,0229,973
Federal funds sold 152510NA
Other interest earning accounts 690663318587199
Total interest income 297,895375,148494,234557,177155,911
Interest expense 
Deposits 19,24017,02719,65825,5797,475
Short-term borrowings 6227801,4124,1952,380
Long-term borrowings and junior subordinated notes 5,6976,5187,5589,5123,013
Total interest expense 25,55924,32528,62839,28612,868
Net interest income 272,336350,823465,606517,891143,043
Provision for credit losses (5,804)12,05221,38619,5633,734
Net interest income after provision for credit losses 278,140338,771444,220498,328139,309
Non-interest income 
Mortgage banking revenue 1,66446,149117,426148,46927,779
Lease financing revenue, net 61,24364,31076,58173,48621,418
Commercial deposit and treasury management fees 24,86734,31545,28350,62014,689
Trust and asset management fees 19,14221,83923,54532,8728,520
Card fees 11,01313,74115,32216,0714,566
Capital markets and international banking fees 3,5605,4588,14813,3323,253
Consumer and other deposit service fees 13,96812,78813,28213,3083,363
Brokerage fees 4,9075,1765,7544,6541,125
Loan service fees 5,5634,8146,2597,4571,969
Increase in cash surrender value of life insurance 3,3853,3813,3914,0751,288
Net gain on investment securities (1)(2,525)(176)447231
Net loss on disposal of other assets (323)3,452(2)(794)(123)
Gain on extinguishment of debt 01,89500NA
Other operating income 5,4066,5127,28010,9063,695
Total non-interest income 154,394221,305322,093374,90391,773
Non-interest expenses 
Salaries and employee benefits expense 177,858255,974343,531400,501101,551
Occupancy and equipment expense 36,87844,91050,51057,13015,044
Computer services and telecommunication expense 18,88331,67834,45343,4689,440
Advertising and marketing expense 8,2728,85410,07211,9713,161
Professional and legal expense 8,80714,65211,05312,8792,691
Other intangibles amortization expense 6,0845,5016,1157,3052,090
Branch exit and facilities impairment charges 02,2708,515(2,709)(682)
Net loss (gain) recognized on other real estate owned and other related expenses (781)3,5751,468(1,599)844
Prepayment fees on interest bearing liabilities 00850NA
Other operating expenses 38,58769,36868,35290,90521,526
Total non-interest expenses 294,588436,782534,154619,851155,665
Income before income taxes 137,946123,294232,159253,38075,417
Income tax expense 39,49137,19373,21179,24420,880
Net income 98,45586,101158,948174,13654,537
Dividends on preferred shares 04,0008,0008,0092,003
Net income available to common stockholders 98,45582,101150,948166,12752,534
Common share data 
Basic earnings per common share 1.811.322.032.160.63
Diluted earnings per common share 1.791.312.022.130.62
Weighted average common shares outstanding for basic earnings per common share 54,509,61262,012,19674,177,57476,968,82383,662,430
Diluted weighted average common shares outstanding for diluted earnings per common share 54,993,86562,573,40674,849,03077,976,12184,778,130
Net income 98,45586,101158,948174,13654,537
Unrealized holding gains on investment securities, net of reclassification adjustments (43,543)20,933(4,078)(14,317)6,054
Reclassification adjustment for amortization of unrealized gains on investment securities transferred to held to maturity from available for sale (2,478)(3,700)(3,633)(2,769)(473)
Reclassification adjustments for gains included in net income 12,525176(447)(231)
Other comprehensive income, before tax (46,020)19,758(7,535)(17,533)5,350
Income tax expense related to items of other comprehensive income 18,077(7,785)2,9566,946(2,125)
Other comprehensive income, net of tax (27,943)11,973(4,579)(10,587)3,225
Comprehensive income 70,51298,074154,369163,54957,762

Data shown on this page is extracted directly from the company’s documents. SNL makes every effort to line up fields, captions and headers that represent the same data over time, despite variations in how the company may report these items in different documents. In certain instances the variation in the company’s presentation over time may be too significant, potentially resulting in repeating and/or disordered items. Despite possible issues with the presentation, SNL, as always, stands by its commitment to the quality of the data.

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